What are you trying to solve? 

Firstlook AI offers a suite of tools across revenue cycle management and value based care operations that seamlessly integrate into provider and payor workflows

Optimize claims management

Identify fraud, waste & abuse

Reduce readmissions penalties

  • Triage billing code inaccuracies
  • Increase clean claim rate
  • Predict appeal / arbitration success
  • Decrease outstanding A/R
  • Identify fraudulent claims / billing activity
  • Increase audit team efficacy
  • Identify hidden anomalous events
  • Raise compliance metrics
  • Create actionable insights for clinical interventions
  • Reduce HRRP Penalty
  • Increase quality of care without greater spend
  • Increase patient compliance

The Firstlook AI Advantage

Scale, performance, and usability, that’s the Firstlook AI advantage over traditional software and AI enabled healthcare platforms – we make technology work for you. 

Rapid and cost efficient implementations into any EMR platform

Non-rules based anomaly detection tailored for complex data 

Algorithm outputs are transparent and easily interpretable 

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